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Heavy Duty Customized Large Size Casting Mill Head

Application: cement mill,coal mill,sugar mill,sag mill, ball mill, tube mill
Size: OD1200mm to 12000mm
Weight: 3 to 70 tons
Status:pre-machined or finished machining
Class certificate:ABS,CCS,NK,LR,DNV,RINA,BV,KR
Payment terms:T/T or L/C



Material StandardGB, EN, DIN, ASTM, GOST, JIS, ISO
Weight3-70 tons
Heat treatment

We supply end mill head for Mesto.

It is made in 4 segements.

The material can be appointed by customers.

For the mill head,we can supply it in finished machining.

At HAITAI, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality large steel casting parts, and one of our key products is the Casting Mill Head. Our Casting Mill Heads are designed to meet the demanding needs of the cement industry and other industrial applications.

The Casting Mill Head is an essential component in cement mills, which are used to grind raw materials into fine powder for cement production. It plays a crucial role in the milling process, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. Our Casting Mill Heads are crafted with precision and built to withstand heavy loads and extreme operating conditions.

We adhere to a complete quality management system based on ISO9001:2008 standards, ensuring that our Casting Mill Heads meet the highest quality standards. With a unit weight capacity of up to 150 tons, our Casting Mill Heads are designed for durability and reliability. Before pouring, we conduct solid cast simulations to optimize the casting process and ensure the best possible outcome.

Prodution process

1)What is mill head?

Mill head normally refers to the house at the top of the mill.

It is very important part of the mill structure which encloses the grinding chamber.

The mill head is designed to support and contain the grinding media (such as balls or rods) and the material being ground within the mill. 

It often includes features such as feed and discharge openings, as well as mechanisms for introducing and removing the grinding media and the ground material.

The mill head is an essential component of a grinding mill, providing structural integrity and ensuring the proper functioning of the mill.

It is typically made of durable materials, such as cast steel or cast iron, to withstand the forces and stresses involved in the grinding process.

Mill head is always not easy to make.

At the beginning,we only make the mill head as a whole one.

Now we supply mill head to Mesto in half or quarter for sag mills.

If the mill head is in quarter,we should leave enough margin to avoid curving.

Recently we get some small orders for segement mill heads from CITIC.

2)Our advangtage

Rich casting experience

We are now supply our customers 6000 tons different kind of steel castings.

Our engineers have more than 20 years experience.

For new and complicated structure,we will use simulation software and have a technical communication meeting before making.


We have 2.5m to 10m vertical lathes and many milling and boring machines.


segment mill head


whole mill head

4)Customers' inspection and packing


The flange areas and outer face use wooden board to protect and fixed by bolt

Use 120×120×2120mmm wooden pad to support the bottom of flange.

All line bolt holes using rubber plug sealing

3)We choose sand casting for big casting parts.

We can make low carbon or alloy steel castings from 3 to 190 tons.

We prefer big casting parts.

The bigger the better.

About Haitai

Haian Haitai Casting Co.,Ltd. is established in 2003. 

In 2007,we moved to Sunzhuang town and can make castings up to 35 tons.

In 2011,a new sand molding workshop was built and now the single weight can be 120 tons.

We supply large steel castings with low carbon or alloy steel from 3 tons to 150 tons per piece.

With a quick development,now we had supplied steel castings 6,000 tons per month.

Many of our castings are for cement mill.

For mill head,when we make it we will pay more attenion on it to guarantee the quality.


company door



Testing Equipment

Equipment NameQuantity(Set)
1Sand analysis equipment1
2Impact sample low temperature meter1
3Direct reading spectrometer(OXFORD)2
4ONH analyzer1
5ZEISS metallurgical microscope1
6Pendulum impact tester1
7Microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal test machine5
8Various hardness tester4
9Magnetic defect detector5
10Ultrasonic flaw detector(digital)1
11CX-52 Total station1
12Stylus roughness meter1

We do the test according to diffrent production step,

such as chemical composition,UT,MT and mechanical property.

In 2021,Haitai inspection and testing center got approval from CNAS.

There are five main steps of inspection and testings to guarantee the quality of large steel castings:dimension accuracy, chemical composition,mechanical property,ultrasonic test and magnetic powder inspection.

Production Process



Pattern Making

Dimension Inspection for the pattern

Done by engineer


Chemical composition before and after pouring

Casting in blank


Heat treatment

Test sample with castings

Mechanical Property

Before first rough machining

Check the dimension and drawing the line

After rough machining

UT and MT

Semi-finished machining

UT and MT

Finished machining

UT and MT


Our company is near to Shanghai port and we can supply different packing according to customers' specification.


segment mill head


segment mill head





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